From Cannes to Olbia: The unforgettable Rock 36 Sun Bed Sea Delivery

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We’re delighted to tell you all about a thrilling sailing experience aboard the magnificent Rock 36 Sun Bed for delivery between Cannes and Olbia (Sardinia) on July 30, 2023.

This crossing was an opportunity for the new owner, on board, to take full advantage of the extraordinary seaworthiness of the boats. Rock Marine boats in the breathtaking scenery of the Mediterranean.

Le Rock 36 – The Quintessence of Performance and Comfort

Our journey begins with boarding the Rock 36 Sun Bed. Powered by two Mercury Verado L6 engines, each rated at 350hp, this semi-rigid embodies the perfect blend of performance and luxury. Its average fuel consumption of just 2 liters per mile at 30 knots makes it a true symbol of efficiency.

Stage 1: Cannes to off Calvi – 90 Miles of Pure Excitement

Our adventure began at 5:55 am from the port of Cannes, bathed in the magnificent colors of the sunrise. As the first golden rays lit up the sky, we set sail. The atmosphere was one of special serenity, and the sea incredibly calm.

The first leg took us off Calvi, a distance of 90 miles which we covered with ease in 2 hours and 45 minutes. The azure waters of the Mediterranean provided the perfect backdrop for the Rock 36, which sliced through the waves with elegance, power and comfort.

Stage 2: Direction Ajaccio – 50 Miles of Coastal Beauty

Now close to the Corsican coast off Calvi, we’re heading for Ajaccio, a distance of 50 miles which we cover in just 1 hour and 30 minutes. This stage is the perfect opportunity to take in the picturesque coastal scenery that unfolds before our eyes. The sea had some nice surprises in store for us on this stretch: a school of dolphins and then a majestic whale that appeared on the surface of the water.

Stage 3: Ajaccio to Olbia – 90 miles with a magical stopover in Sardinia

The last leg of our journey takes us from Ajaccio to Olbia, a distance of 90 miles which we cover in 3 hours. But that’s not all! En route, we stop off at a secret spot in Sardinia, where the crystal-clear waters and pristine beaches invite us for a refreshing swim. An experience we’ll never forget.

Our journey across the waters of the Mediterranean aboard the Rock 36 Sun Bed was much more than a simple crossing.
It was an adventure where performance, natural beauty and comfort blended harmoniously to create lasting memories both for the proud owner of the new Rock Marine and for us.

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